And so, it begins… I have been working with a virtual assistant over the past year. Trying to get my social media and such in order to create a better avenue of letting you all know what I’m up to and what creative inspiration we can share. It all starts with branding! Branding?! Ummm… As you get to know me, you’ll learn that I’m a VERY visual person!

I am learning to be true to myself because, in the end, that is who we are left with… ourselves. A great logo that was consistent with the path that I’m traveling on was needed, to reflect me. I took a suggestion and I put pen to paper and created my own! With a lot of work, learning and a little help… I did it!

Artwork is taken by others on the internet and being claimed as their own. It actually happened to me and many of my friends. So not right…

It’s ok to copy. What?!

Learning from the masters…

With all that said… I always struggled with originality from my head. It would stop me cold in my tracks from creating. Recently I learned that it is ok to copy, as long as credit always goes back to the original artist. This has been done for centuries. My favorite artist is Norman Rockwell. I realize that he may not be considered a master in some circles, but he is to me. I love how he captures the essence of the human spirit and all of the secondary stories in his work. For a recent class, I created an abstract of one of his works. I was working on design principles. What a great challenge to do an out of the box piece.

Norman Rockwell, “The Check Up”

Observe, practice and then create your own! If you could recreate a masterpiece which would it be? Would you use the same medium or your preferred? Join me for monthly art challenges and inspiration and feel free to submit to my student gallery.

Thank you for spending a little time with me…Now go create! Art works!

Very Best,


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