The Journey goes on… working on setting up the new website and choosing a logo is A LOT of work! My logo looks amazing! I’m SO proud of it. With some creative direction, my business card looks great!

Content, content, and more content! This is the most overwhelming part! There is SO much to do when setting up a website. Every word and line must be scripted to be the body of the website. I have piles of papers with various notes and paragraphs to fine tune for the various sections on the website. Thankfully I’ll be able to edit the site as my journey continues and tweak what I need to. Whew!

Content in art… It is a challenge to pick the right content when creating a piece of artwork. I love the challenge of realism. What should the subject be? I have learned that it really doesn’t matter. As long as it is a challenge to you and gets you to stretch and push your abilities, just have fun with the creative process. What are you trying to express through your work? Are you trying to express a feeling?

Pick up a pen or pencil every day to get the creative juices flowing. I will feature a monthly tangle on my website. Join in the fun of trying it out and showing it off in the Student Gallery!

Go create… Art works!

Vey Best,


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